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Gamegears4you professional repairs

At GameGears4You, we sell a wide variety of fully refurbished, repaired and upgraded top retro video game consoles – including Sega Game Gear Atari Lynx PSP PS Vita Sega Nomad and Game Boy’s of all shapes and sizes.

We are your one stop shop for all of your retro gaming handheld needs (We don’t just do Game Gear!). We can expertly fix and restore your Sega Game Gear, upgrade and repair Sega Nomad, Atari Lynx, Gameboy DMG – Color – and Advanced and more!

Ready to go, repaired and/or upgraded consoles are also available in the shop – always in very good condition.

Ever heard of the NEC TurboExpress? We can repair and upgrade your TurboExpress too! Lets check your capacitors today.

Sega Nomad LCDDRV upgrade services now including sound amps. Portable Sega Genesis perfection.

McWill upgrade kits and services available. Our kits and upgrade process are by far the highest quality on the market.

Gameboys of all shapes and sizes can be accepted for repairs, upgrades and also sound amps. Nintendo Power *

All Lynx services include the much needed power supply replacement parts to keep your Lynx working.

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