McWill Upgrade Kits Review 2022

McWill LCD kits as we all know were the first mod kits to be developed for the Sega Game Gear and also the Atari Lynx and have become famous worldwide for its amazing picture quality and technical superiority to not only the original LCD but also to the clone competition.

PCB’s are made of high quality FR4 material with ENIG surface coating which may be more expensive and require more processing steps however they have several advantages, including excellent surface planarity (important for ball grid array component mounting), good oxidation resistance, and suitability for movable contacts such as membrane switches and plug-in connectors.

McWill kits don’t just stop at high quality parts and manufacturing either!

With the McWill “method” of installing kits specifically for the Sega Game Gear and also the Atari Lynx, it is by far the most reliable and long lasting technique to connect any mod kit. While many would say McWill is “harder” to install because more components need to be removed to make the kit’s functional, GameGears4You/McWill believe this method is best as it no longer relies on any of those troublesome old power supply components to power on and function. Leaving these components in the system and relying on them w/ any clone upgrade can cause many problems with installs as many of these old power supply components can very often be defective.

Final Thought: With there being so many choices for screen upgrades these days, McWill kits still stand superior to all others. The longevity, reliability and quality are unmatched due to poor install and manufacturing methods of the current competition.

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